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Trade union rally will affect coach services and parcel deliveries on 2 February 2018

If organised, the trade union rally expected to be staged by several trade unions on Friday February 2nd will affect deliveries and transport services including passenger traffic and parcel deliveries across Finland. Action is scheduled to start at 3.00 and end early in the evening around 18.00.

Some services will run despite the rally – check timetables on Matkahuolto’s website

As a result of this politically motivated industrial action, some of the main coach services, road transports and pick-up/distribution services will be cancelled on Friday February 2nd between 03.00 and 18.00. However, coach companies will be able to run some of the services by making special arrangements.

Information on the all services operated during the trade union rally is available on Matkahuolto’s timetable search when you look up the information for February 2nd. Additionally, it is also possible to buy e-tickets for services that run during the demonstration.

Links to media releases posted by coach operators and public transport services regarding exceptional services are found at the bottom of this communication. The timetable system and the list of links are updated on a continuous basis, the latest information being always provided by Matkahuolto’s timetable search and this communication.

Compensation for unused online and season tickets

Matkahuolto will reimburse any unused e-ticket if the service for which the ticket was purchased is cancelled due to this industrial action. To claim reimbursement, use the electronic form available on Makahuolto’s website.

Matkahuolto will also compensate the portion of the price of a season ticket for the day of the strike if it proves to be impossible to use the ticket at all.  To claim compensation, use the electronic form available on Makahuolto’s website.

Parcel deliveries may be delayed

The trade union rally will also slow down parcel deliveries as some coach services and road transports are suspended for several hours. All deliveries will be resumed as soon as the rally is over. Scheduled deliveries will be effected according to the schedule specified at the time of dispatch.

Opening hours of Matkahuolto outlets on Friday

Matkahuolto’s service outlets will observe regular opening hours on Friday February 2nd. To check opening hours, go to Matkahuolto’s toimipistehaku.

Additional information

We will post updates on the effects of the strike on our website at and on Matkahuolto’s Facebook and Twitter sites.

More information on timetables is available on Matkahuolto’s customer service number at 0200 4000. The service available round the clock. The call charge is €1.99/min + local network charge.

Information on reimbursement for unused tickets is available at the feedback and customer complaints no. 020 331 222. The call charge is 8.8 cents per min. Feedback and complains can also be submitted using the feedback form available on the website.

Consumers’ customer service number for parcel services is 0800 132 582. The number is toll-free.

Corporate customers’ service number for parcel services is 020 710 5024 and open Mon–Fri 8–18.

The following operators run some of the services – check operator websites for details

Elimäen Liikenne Oy
J M Eskelisen Lapin Linjat Oy
Bussiliikenne Koivisto Oy
Koiviston Auto -konserni (Gold Line/Koskilinjat Oy, Jyväskylän Liikenne Oy, Koiviston Auto Oy, Kuopion Liikenne Oy, Porvoon Liikenne Oy and Satakunnan Liikenne Oy)
Pekola-yhtiöt (Pekolan Liikenne Oy and Yhdysliikenne Oy)
Länsilinjat Oy
Mäntän Tilausliikenne Oy Oy
Väinö Paunu Oy
Pikakuljetus Rovaniemi Oy
Pohjolan Liikenne
Soisalon Liikenne Oy
Turun Linja-autoilijain Oy
J Vainion Liikenne Oy
Valkeakosken Liikenne Oy

The following operators report that they will run all services:

Linja-autoliikenne O A Aho Oy
Airport Express Rovaniemi Oy
V. Alamäki Oy12
Amperin Linja-autoliikenne Oy
Ab Dahl Citybus Oy
Oy Kaj Forsblom Ab
Haldin & Rose
Hangö Trafik, Friman & Co - Hangon Liikenne, Friman & Co
Helmikkalan Liikenne Oy
H.P. Matkabussi Oy
Hyvinkään Liikenne Oy
Härmän Liikenne Oy
Ihastjärven Linja Oy
Ab Ingves & Svanbäck Oy
Järvisen Liikenne Oy
Jari Kaari Oy
Tilausliikenne A. Kainulainen Oy
Kantamatkat Oy
Karstulan Liikenne
Kauhavan Liikenne Oy
Keskimatkat Oy
Järvisen Liikenne Oy
Koivuranta Oy
Linja-autoliike Veljekset Laitinen Oy
Linjaliikenne Kivistö Oy
Koillismaan Liikenne Oy
Liikenne P. Koivisto Oy
A. Kyllönen Oy
Kymen Charterline Oy
Liikenne Lohiniva Oy
Luopioisten Linja Oy
Bussi-Manninen Oy
Myllärin Liikenne Oy
Matka Mäkelä Oy
Aaro E Mäkelä Oy
Möllärin Linjat Oy
Nevakivi Oy
Niemisen Linjat Oy
Mika K. Niskanen Oy
NorthBus Oy
NET-Matkat (North European Bus Tour Ky)
Oulaisten Liikenne -konserni (K. Hollanti Oy, J.E. Klemetti Oy, Kamusen Liikenne Oy, Karhun Liikenne Oy, Käkelän Liikenne ja Oulaisten Liikenne Oy)
Paakinahon Liikenne Oy
Liikenne-Peltoperä Oy
Pohjolan Matka
Pukkilan Liikenne Oy
Rajalinjat Oy
Rautalammin Auto Oy
Rautaveden Liikenne Oy
Revon Turistiliikenne Oy
Tilausmatka Roine Oy
Ruka Charter Oy
V Rundgren Ky
Oy Rytkönen & Co
Saimaan Turistiliikenne Oy
Satakunnan Palvelutaksi Oy
Ab Strandlinjetrafik Oy
Taivassalon Auto Oy
M Tervo Oy
Töysän Linja Oy
Urpolan Liikenne Ky
Uuraisten Liikenne Ky
A. Valppu Oy
Vihavaisen Taksi Oy
Liikenne Vuorela Oy
Vuorisen Liikenne Oy
Wikströms Busstrafik Ab

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